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Tricks for TIG Welding to Produce 200 Flanges in One Day

Hello everyone.
Thick neck ANSI flanges are often completed with two or three layer welds.
If the work is completed by welding only one layer of thick-necked ANSI flange, the work process will be reduced.
If the flange welding production process is reduced, the work speed will be faster.
Today's video is a video of tips and tricks for welding flanges at super-fast speeds.
Thanks for watching and have a nice week.

정병찬 : 안녕하세요. 턴테이블 용접말고 일반 후렌지 영상도 올려주시면 감사하겠습니다~
Günter Schöne : Nice video.
You explained and showed it very well!
That's right, there are different ways to weld on an ANSI flange.
What is important is what is written in the welding order, it says yes there. How to weld the ANSI flange, whether 1 layer or 2-3 layers, etc.
tom thompson : Perfection.. flanges always look great as there's plenty of edges to work as guide lines .. but a few extra tips never goes to hurt
Viorsa : Gracias maestro por otra magnífica clase y por compartir sus conocimientos y experiencias, un saludo cordial y por supuesto un gran like desde Narón (Galicia)

​@Woolly and Tig Official Channel - Lost in the Supermarket! | Full Episode | TV Show for Kids

Mummy and Tig go shopping at the supermarket, and Tig loses Mummy when she's looking at toys.

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Woolly and Tig is a Kids TV show about a Scottish five-year-old girl called Tig who lives with her mum and dad and toy spider called Woolly. They get up to lots of adventures together, and the show episodes focus on feelings children may encounter when faced with new experiences.

Woolly and Tig plays on Cbeebies TV in the UK and is a high-quality kids TV show to help children with developmental and emotional issues as they grow up - such as sharing with friends, eating new foods, going to school, losing toys, dealing with scary things and going to new places.

Tig is the girl star of the show, and you can join her on her adventures with Woolly - whose name is sometimes spelt Wolly or Wooly.
#WoollyAndTig #ToySpider #FullEpisode

TIG알곤용접 - 초보자가 쉽게 따라 할 수 있는 연습법(3스텝)(TIG Welding-Easy Practice for Beginners)

#용팔이TV #초근접촬영 #카메라3대 #TIG알곤용접 #TIG용접 #알곤용접 #알곤용접초보
TIG알곤용접을 처음 접해서 막막 하신 분들을 위한 영상입니다.
양손을 사용하여야 하는 알곤용접 특성을 고려해
쉽게 연습할 수 있는 방법을 촬영해보았습니다.

정성껏 만든 영상입니다. 시청해 주셔서 감사합니다 ^^
질문 있으시면 언제든지 댓글달아주세요


[용팔이TV/AWT 공식 블로그]\r

"용접노하우나 용접기에 대해 질의 응답 오픈카톡방(익명)을 만들었습니다.
선착순이니 궁금하신 사항이 있으면 들어와서 언제든지 질의응답해주세요"
Http://open.kakao.com/o/ggNpkiLb (1차 정원은 100명입니다.)
새로운인생 : 고생많으십니다 ᆢ 저 용접기 어디회사꺼 ᆢ 가격이 얼마인가 ㆍ어디서 구입하는지 좀 알려주세요 ᆢ대용량 9t 이상도 장시간 가능합니까 요ᆢ?
신민규 : 멋지십니다 저는 기계분야쪽일하는데 용접 배우려고 배움카드로 배워보려하는중인데 영상보니 너무 좋은정보군요..ㅠㅠㅠ
King각성 : 이해하기 쉽고 마음이 조급해지지 않게끔 잘 설명해주시네요 정말 유익하게 봤고 기회가 된다면 연습해보겠습니다 감사해요
킴웰더 : 정말 학고에서 이렇게 가르치십니다 !!! 아주 굿입니다
Joda Park : 강의 잘봤습니다
몇가지 의문이 있는데 용접봉 사용시 왼손에 보호장갑을 착용하지 않으셨는데 감전의 위험이 없는것인가요??
그리고 알곤용접은 불티가 발생하지 않아서 불티방지포설치 필요없나요?? 그밖의 화재위험성이 없을까요??




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