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D-Jahsta & Cyberoptics - TX-55 (Original Mix)

☢ ☢ ☢ 720P FOR STUDIO QUALITY ☢ ☢ ☢

This channel was created to promote and spread the heaviest electronic bass music around. No copyright infringement intended. All songs and images used are property of their respective owners.

☯ Artist - D-Jahsta \u0026 Cyberoptics
☾ Song - TX-55

✔ Soundcloud:
Сава Поливалов : Who is from 2019 ? :)
Nothing To See Here : Listening from a playlist from when I was a teenager and the shit still goes hard in 2020!!
D3N7157 : could be the best dubstep song to be ever written its been 6 years still sounds amazing even though i dont bother with this genre at all since years
Ironbear : THAT LAST DROP THOUGH! :D WHOA! I love how easily they make all the wobbles blend as if its natural! O.o :D :D :D 
BerrJDzn : One of the best dubstep tunes ever made.. I am very picky with liking a dubstep tune lately, because dubstep has changed a lot since it started.. It's hard to find dubstep tunes lately, DnB is not very difficult to quickly like it in my opinion.. So yeah.. THIS TRACK IS FUCKING INSANE!!!

Sony DSC TX55 Unboxing (HD)

Outboxing video of the Sony TX55

Some notable features:

16.2 mega pixels
3.3 inch full touchscreen
Exremely thin and stylish design
Picture modes - like background defocus, color isolation, and twlight.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post!

yugurtz : @Nitro92k I will try my best to address your questions. In terms of thickness, it measures a little less than 1cm, and the front cover has a matte-feel to it, which makes it feel and look thin. Between the two, tx55 is sleeker.The touchscreen is good (not perfect), and occasionally I have to touch a point twice. It's more towards sensitive. Performance wise, it's about the same but with some tweaks (menu, modes, design). Hope this helps!
rainezyyy : @Phoranges I love the extra features the Tx55 has pop color etc and the slim design. Is the Tx9 thicker than the Tx55 a lot? I heard the Tx55 screen is too sensitive and some said not responsive. Compared to Tx9 in terms of performance, theyre almost the same?
yugurtz : @Nitro92k While the TX55's shutter does look flat, it's not as flat as you may think. I recommend you going with the tx9 if you don't mind having an older camera. I would recommend the Tx55 if you love style and decent camera shooting power. The tx55 is is a beautiful, slim camera. The tx9 isn't much different; it's just a little older.
SSteven Ccross : Nice camera, getting one in a couple of months to replace my current Sony DSC-W80 which has served me well for 4 years (contact me if you want to buy it off me ;-))
Edi Harianto : Kamera tx-5 milikku selalu bergetar,
Bisakah anda beritahu apa penyebabnya?

Metal Gear - Final Battle (TX55, Big Boss) + Ending [HQ]

The final battle in the original Metal Gear (MSX version) against MG TX-55 and Big Boss, followed by the credits. I had uploaded this video on another account (back in 2008, originally), but had it taken down when I left Youtube for a while. Since I don't really use this account for much else, I figured I'd re-upload this particular video for those interested.

That Guy Pete You Refuse to Invite to Gatherings : And thus ends the story of Ahab, the phantom pain.
Libe Jenkins : 3:15 WHAT A THRILL
dahitmann : 1984: Big Boss (Venom) fights a massive Metal gear not seen before (or since, really). He vows to improve its design for his own purposes in Outer Heaven. 1995: Big rusty piece of shit that isn't even functional is about to be sent limping along before Solid Snake, the son of big boss (and he KNEW THIS) puts it out of its misery. Big Boss is shocked, SHOCKED at this happening, despite the fact Solid Snake was his own blood and trained by him to boot.
BlueWolf87 : The sound of the original MSX2 version sounds a little slow and different compared to the redone of the PS2 version of Subsistence, but it's still the same version.
WORKING MAN 90 : solid snake vs venom snake!




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