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How to play checkers and win 90% of the time. Win with 13 basic strategies and secrets.

This video is for players that have never played checkers before, but want to learn how, all the way up to advanced players. It shows how to win 9 out of 10 games using 13 strategies and secrets by a player that has played over 20,000 games online and became a Grand Master on recently after only 5 months. Videos of live games will be uploaded unedited apart from graphics to explain how he is using his strategies and secrets to win.

Watch me briefly discuss the strategies and secrets then take a look at the live games to see them in play:

1) Only learn 1 opening move for white and 2 responses for black and become an expert on these
initial moves.
2) Control the center.
3) Move your checkers out from the single corner first.
4) Always try to keep a checker on square 5 up 3 from the left.
5) Always attack your opponents double corner.
6) Keep your checkers on the back line intact as long as possible.
7) Get a king before your opponent.
8) Pull your opponent's checkers from his back row so that you can get a king.
9) Set traps.
10) Line your checkers up in lines of 3 or more.
11) Trade checkers when you are ahead by 1 or more checkers.
12) Stop, look, listen before you move.
13) Practice, practice, practice, practice.

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