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Energizer alkaline A23 whats inside mini 12 volts battery ASMR

Hello friend
Has anyone seen it for the first time as a friend of mine inside the mini Battery?
Inside contains 8 1.5 volt batteries each in series. Get Voltage 12 volts.
Energizer Alkaline Battery 12V Miniature Alkaline Batteries ASMR
Size: A23/MN21/LRV08
Commonly used in: garage door openers, car alarms, key-less entry systems, security systems, calculators, remotes, medical equipment and more.
Archimedes Channel : 12 Volt Battery You'll Be Surprised
A23 Battery to 8 1.5 volt Batteries
Cell size A23 Type Miniature Alkaline Volt 12.0Appropriate for a variety of devices, including cameras, calculators, wireless headsets, and medical equipment.

This is KAZAKHSTAN : Привет друг
Хороший лайфхак))
Jeremy-Rigged Wash Tub Time Machine : These are exact replacements for LR927's

3D_ REX : Can I use those batteries to replace LR44 batteries?
I bring the Last words : Monsters inside

Inside a 23A 12V mini battery

lets find out

Test Bettery Voltage POWERCELL 23A12V L1028

Test Bettery Voltage POWERCELL 23A12V L1028




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